Japan Life for Android review.

Hello Humans!
It is time for another review!
This time it is a game on my nook, it is…. Japan Life. ūüėÄ
If you liked city building, then this game is for you.

You start off in a tutorial teaching you the basics of the game; such as building placement, evening out hotel rooms with the number tourist attractions, decorating your town, etc.
Then the game let’s you off on your own.
You also can have sales at your shops, which can last for 2-12 hours, depending on which you click, but must have friends or diamonds to use for this.(That is how you upgrade them)

The only thing I don’t like is that you must have friends to manage your hotels or you have to pay with diamonds, which is special currency used in the game.

3 and a half hearts.


Hungry Shark Evolution…Review

I'm glad that I'm not that scuba diver...

I’m glad that I’m not that scuba diver…


Hello again!

This is Wooly Kai giving you a review on Hungry Shark Evolution…which I am currently playing on my Nook HD.

You first play as the Reef Shark and level each of the sharks you unlock up to level ten.

To unlock a stronger shark, you must level your current shark to level ten and then buy the next shark.

There is also an encyclopedia of food and enemies  that you can eat .Each are classified on how high on the danger level they are and how much they fill you up.

There is also an option to buy a bloodier version of the game via an in-app purchase for 50 gems. 

Overall…4.7¬†‚ô• (Hearts) out of 5.

HarmoKnight Review



Humans, it finally time for another review!!! (Sorry for such a long absence on my part…Bahh)

HarmoKnight is for the Nintendo 3DS and is available on the Nintendo E-Shop for $14.99 USD

You start off as an apprentice named Tempo in the world of Melodia, where the complete world is based on music. Even your everyday movement is based on a beat. Your mentor is named Master Woodwind. You get through the beginning of the game learning the controls of the game and each time you get a new ally.

You get a total of 4 allies, if you count the monkey and the rabbit.

You attack with the “a” and “x” you dodge or jump with the “B” button. In boss battles, you use mostly Tempo and the left and right buttons on the D-Pad.

The music has a very catchy tune, depending on what world you’re on the tune goes faster. Fast tune=hard level.

Sorry I have to cut this review short because I’d rather not put any spoilers for this game.If you want spoilers, look on YouTube.

Overall, 4.5 ‚ô• (Hearts) out of 5




Minecraft Review and other things…

First thing is I am sorry for not giving a new review in a while…and the other thing is I could not upload a snapshot of me using Minecraft and it is the PC version.

Minecraft is a very interesting game even if I already had it for a “month” and now I have huge plans on what to build…but so little time.

Basically you play as the default¬† character that is named Steve, (you can change the skin if you have premium status) and try to scrape out a life from nothing while you avoid (or fight) monsters like creepers that explode and destroy everything around plus yourself. You can build a house near lava, on water , trees, but the truly creative build in the air. ( destroy the lower level after building)¬† This game can show one’s creative self, providing that they have the time.¬† You can even tame two creatures, an ocelot and the wolf. The list goes on, but what can I say…just buy (or try the demo version) it for yourself.

Also there are some misleading websites our there, the only one that you should use is minecraft(dot)net.

4.4 (Hearts) ‚ô• out of 5.

Zombie Panic In Wonderland REVIEW!!!


NOTE: You can get this game from the WiiWare channel for 1000 points ($10) in¬† the US and you can choose to play co-op as long as you have a nuncuck for both controllers. I only had one. :”(

Anyways…you first play as Momotaro¬† as he is defeating the horde of zombies that came into his home (you end up destroying it in the process) and decide to go look for his friends, Pheasant, Dog,¬† and Monkey, when you get attacked by this strange-looking monster that is the boss. You end up defeating the boss and look for the cause of the zombie outbreak when you meet Dorthy (who is looking for the Tin man) and some other noticeable characters from children’s books. The gameplay is quite challenging on some levels when it’s your first time and the music…you’ll hear it, but you may not like it.

Overall 2.5 ‚ô• (hearts) out of five.

Pocket God for both Iphone and Android

Sorry, no actual gameplay photos by me ūüė•

Hi, humans, it’s time for a review on pocket god for both Android and Iphone users…

android users be warned, they have not updated the game for a LONG time so you might find yourself getting bored fast and it costs $0.99…not worth it. ūüė°

The game has you start as a god of “pygmies” where you can be a nice god (giving them a fishing rod,cracked coconuts,etc) or a very mean god ( electrocute them with lightning or jellyfish, cremate them alive on a fire pit, drown them, let them be eaten by anything, eat burned food, this list goes on…) You can even customize the game. to the looks of the game or how the pygmies dance, but these cost $0.99 per pack. There are updates for the Iphone, but takes too long between them.( from update 1 to update 2, for example)I would recommend this as a stress-reliever game,but not for people who cannot tell what real or not and children.


Extra Note: Sadly They’ve finished the game for apple, so there wont be anymore updates. So if your on android, don’t buy this game expecting it to get past the apocalypse part.

Overall… 1 1/2 ‚ô• (hearts) out of 5.

Hungry Shark Part 3 for Android…


Just as the name said, you¬†play as¬†a very hungry shark in this game. Though you can eat humans ( which is fills you up faster and reminds me of Jaws) I always get scorned by my mother who greatly disapproves of this game to an extent that I was nearly forced to remove it. It is a great time killer, and the sounds match the theme of shark eats “meat bags”. The only thing I don’t like so far is the controls…I’m not so great at motion controls and I worry about dropping my¬†phone.

3 ♥ (Hearts) out of 5 


Beware of the spiked lionfish…¬†(You can’t eat it)