HarmoKnight Review



Humans, it finally time for another review!!! (Sorry for such a long absence on my part…Bahh)

HarmoKnight is for the Nintendo 3DS and is available on the Nintendo E-Shop for $14.99 USD

You start off as an apprentice named Tempo in the world of Melodia, where the complete world is based on music. Even your everyday movement is based on a beat. Your mentor is named Master Woodwind. You get through the beginning of the game learning the controls of the game and each time you get a new ally.

You get a total of 4 allies, if you count the monkey and the rabbit.

You attack with the “a” and “x” you dodge or jump with the “B” button. In boss battles, you use mostly Tempo and the left and right buttons on the D-Pad.

The music has a very catchy tune, depending on what world you’re on the tune goes faster. Fast tune=hard level.

Sorry I have to cut this review short because I’d rather not put any spoilers for this game.If you want spoilers, look on YouTube.

Overall, 4.5 ♥ (Hearts) out of 5





Minecraft Review and other things…

First thing is I am sorry for not giving a new review in a while…and the other thing is I could not upload a snapshot of me using Minecraft and it is the PC version.

Minecraft is a very interesting game even if I already had it for a “month” and now I have huge plans on what to build…but so little time.

Basically you play as the default  character that is named Steve, (you can change the skin if you have premium status) and try to scrape out a life from nothing while you avoid (or fight) monsters like creepers that explode and destroy everything around plus yourself. You can build a house near lava, on water , trees, but the truly creative build in the air. ( destroy the lower level after building)  This game can show one’s creative self, providing that they have the time.  You can even tame two creatures, an ocelot and the wolf. The list goes on, but what can I say…just buy (or try the demo version) it for yourself.

Also there are some misleading websites our there, the only one that you should use is minecraft(dot)net.

4.4 (Hearts) ♥ out of 5.

Review on Zoombies for Android NOT FOR 14 and below!!!

NOT for little kids...

This game is about zoo animals that have turned into zombies and are craving human flesh. Your goal in this game is to keep the populace in your city, like Egypt and New York, at an acceptable level that is not below 50 in the health bar. The things you have to keep those “adorable” zoombies from getting to you is a shovel, pistol, bomb, and a super weapon. (All can be upgraded, but some upgrades cost you real money) The upgrades that cost in-game cash can be costly, but worth it for some of the bosses as the bosses can make the health of your city go down to zero. As you progress in levels, the zoombies can get their own items to accelerate their attack to the city, whether  it be riding missiles or using little rocket launchers.

Overall 4.5 ♥ (Hearts) out of five

Review on Leave Devil Alone on Andriod

This game starts off with one of your Sand Ghosts that got hit with an arrow from a human king that was on a hunting expedition. Of course, as it being your underling, it goes to you for help. So this starts off the war between the Devil and the humans. The game-style is like that of plants vs. zombies, yet in my opinion is a little easier. The artwork is nice, yet dark. The only thing that I don’t like is the cost of some monster/upgrades.

4.5 ♥ (Hearts) out of five

Mario & Luigi : Partners in Time HALF-Review

Hi, Humans! It’s time for another review, BUT it will only go up to the point where my game broke…so I am sorry about that. For the rest of the humans who want a full review, please go somewhere else. Again I am very sorry.

In this game, you get to time-travel with your younger person to many areas of your past to fix the future from these purple-headed mushrooms that are bent on taking over your home. You get to learn new skills in the future and get items in numbers to perform specials. Some things that I found annoying was the fact that your specials can now run out. The other thing is that some area’s enemies are always going to be stronger than you and the bosses’s HP is going to be higher in a specific region area, like the U.S.A. The music was fine, but not easy to remember.

Overall, 2 and a half ♥ (hearts) out of five.

Rune Factory 3 Review :-)


Hi, Humans!! It’s time for a review on Rune Factory 3!!!

        In this game, you play as Micah, a boy who has lost his memory… You get to live in a tree where the farm is inside of it and the upper levels are your actual house.  After the first boss fight, you get some of your memory back and find out that your half monster, A wooly monster in fact. While you hide your monster side from the other villagers, you have to hide the fact that your also human from the people in Sol Terano Desert. While doing the balancing act, you try to settle the differences between the races. Eventually, you have to let them find out your secret. When they have peace, the tree will finally grow, but it does not. After that, you pick a bachelorette to marry and on the day of the ceremony, you  find out that she went missing..so you go after her and end up fighting Aquaticus, one of the four dragon gods. In the end, you get married and have a happy life.

Five ♥ (Hearts) out of five.

Mario & Luigi: Bowsers’s Inside Story REVIEW

The blue goomba, green shyguy, and the red-bucket-headed koopa are all traitors to Bowser in the game.

In Bowser’s Inside Story, you find that you’re stuck in Bowser’s body for the time being. The reason as to why is because of Fawful, he gave Bowser a “Lucky Mushroom” that made him grow big and inhale the whole town where Mario & Luigi were staying at. Unfortunately, he did not inhale the castle… What was even worse was that some of the toads that were left had some sort of illness where they grew so big and ended up rolling all over the place.(Which I found very funny) You will go to many heights to find out the cause and team up with Bowser, without him knowing who you were. In some cases of boss fights, Bowser will grow to a giant to defeat the enemy and when finished, will shrink in the sky and fall to the ground. One of the boss fights pits you against Peach’s castle where in one point you get stuck in a black hole and get damaged until you either defeat it or you end up dead. The tricky part was that each boss had their own  patterns that was sometimes hard to recognize. The specials had finally came back instead of usable items. In one of the brother’s specials, you make Luigi eat untill he becomes very…fat. He then jumps on top of Mario and Mario then tries to lift him up and throw him at the enemies. If you’re fast enough, press Luigi’s button while he is in the top screen and he will flip, causing a tremor and extra damage. The music was nice and the diolauge was rather funny and amusing at times.

In the end…four ♥ (Hearts) out of five.

See?!?! Luigi eats too much, in this case gluttony wins.