Hungry Shark Evolution…Review

I'm glad that I'm not that scuba diver...

I’m glad that I’m not that scuba diver…


Hello again!

This is Wooly Kai giving you a review on Hungry Shark Evolution…which I am currently playing on my Nook HD.

You first play as the Reef Shark and level each of the sharks you unlock up to level ten.

To unlock a stronger shark, you must level your current shark to level ten and then buy the next shark.

There is also an encyclopedia of food and enemies  that you can eat .Each are classified on how high on the danger level they are and how much they fill you up.

There is also an option to buy a bloodier version of the game via an in-app purchase for 50 gems. 

Overall…4.7 ♥ (Hearts) out of 5.


HarmoKnight Review



Humans, it finally time for another review!!! (Sorry for such a long absence on my part…Bahh)

HarmoKnight is for the Nintendo 3DS and is available on the Nintendo E-Shop for $14.99 USD

You start off as an apprentice named Tempo in the world of Melodia, where the complete world is based on music. Even your everyday movement is based on a beat. Your mentor is named Master Woodwind. You get through the beginning of the game learning the controls of the game and each time you get a new ally.

You get a total of 4 allies, if you count the monkey and the rabbit.

You attack with the “a” and “x” you dodge or jump with the “B” button. In boss battles, you use mostly Tempo and the left and right buttons on the D-Pad.

The music has a very catchy tune, depending on what world you’re on the tune goes faster. Fast tune=hard level.

Sorry I have to cut this review short because I’d rather not put any spoilers for this game.If you want spoilers, look on YouTube.

Overall, 4.5 ♥ (Hearts) out of 5




On Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Wii.Plus comments on your comments..

This is my face when playing this game...during some "moments"

In Rune Factory: ToD, I progressed so far to the third shrine or dungeon and got the summer island too. Sorry that it took so long to post, but I got sick, school work, and distracted by RF: ToD…Anyways there is a general walkthrough for this game but it’s saved on my phone. The characters in this game seem to not be able to notice the fact that they’re in a time way farther than theirs (400 years). Other than that the dialogue is sometime rather amusing. If you are wondering  about the face I put there and what I meant by those moments is simple: the bosses and the pregnancy scene are kinda funny.
Oh and to commenters, please do not put any ads for “body parts” enlargements because they are not…(um how should I say this)why would I need those and my mother would K-n-o-c-k Me out for even seeing those…ads. Plus I am not male to begin with, I am a female…those ads are disturbing to me.
Well…thanks for reading!!
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Review on Zoombies for Android NOT FOR 14 and below!!!

NOT for little kids...

This game is about zoo animals that have turned into zombies and are craving human flesh. Your goal in this game is to keep the populace in your city, like Egypt and New York, at an acceptable level that is not below 50 in the health bar. The things you have to keep those “adorable” zoombies from getting to you is a shovel, pistol, bomb, and a super weapon. (All can be upgraded, but some upgrades cost you real money) The upgrades that cost in-game cash can be costly, but worth it for some of the bosses as the bosses can make the health of your city go down to zero. As you progress in levels, the zoombies can get their own items to accelerate their attack to the city, whether  it be riding missiles or using little rocket launchers.

Overall 4.5 ♥ (Hearts) out of five

Hungry Shark Part 3 for Android…


Just as the name said, you play as a very hungry shark in this game. Though you can eat humans ( which is fills you up faster and reminds me of Jaws) I always get scorned by my mother who greatly disapproves of this game to an extent that I was nearly forced to remove it. It is a great time killer, and the sounds match the theme of shark eats “meat bags”. The only thing I don’t like so far is the controls…I’m not so great at motion controls and I worry about dropping my phone.

3 ♥ (Hearts) out of 5 


Beware of the spiked lionfish… (You can’t eat it)


That day on December 25, 2011 when I got it was both sad and happy…sad because  my eldest sister tricked me (she gave me another present and did not give it to me until later) happy because I( at least) now own  it.   Though the happy part turned into sorrow because my harddrive broke(which will be in another post)as in NO WALKTHROUGH!!! THE only thing I did not like in the start of the game was no way to get cash…except for selling items you find after you defeat monsters and the spawning rate of items  is low. The grapics have improved at least… I’ll give a review when I am done with the game.

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
Image via Wikipedia

The game cover…I hate those evil purple sprites!!!   }:-{

Cannot wait to get The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This post has been deleted or erased, so I’m rewriting it.

This game seems really interesting, despite it being a rated M game…

It’s available on both X-box and the pc, but the pc on is the one I’ll talk about.

Anyways…I hope the dragon does not kill me when I get this game, because you have to run until you level up(I hope I can avoid it until then)







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