Minecraft Review and other things…

First thing is I am sorry for not giving a new review in a while…and the other thing is I could not upload a snapshot of me using Minecraft and it is the PC version.

Minecraft is a very interesting game even if I already had it for a “month” and now I have huge plans on what to build…but so little time.

Basically you play as the default  character that is named Steve, (you can change the skin if you have premium status) and try to scrape out a life from nothing while you avoid (or fight) monsters like creepers that explode and destroy everything around plus yourself. You can build a house near lava, on water , trees, but the truly creative build in the air. ( destroy the lower level after building)  This game can show one’s creative self, providing that they have the time.  You can even tame two creatures, an ocelot and the wolf. The list goes on, but what can I say…just buy (or try the demo version) it for yourself.

Also there are some misleading websites our there, the only one that you should use is minecraft(dot)net.

4.4 (Hearts) ♥ out of 5.


My computer’s gone…Again.

Well, Humans I seem to have bad luck when it comes to my computer…I got a trojan virus and had to go to BestBuy to repair it because the virus won’t let me do anything, not even play some games that i had on the pc. The cost of the repair was $130-ish without the taxes. Now I wonder…why do some humans like to cause problems for others? Is it because they love to see other’s misery or they are just plain heartless…I’ll never know. Oh and ignore my signature,I’m on my phone and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

Posted when finished playing a game…

The Oregon Trail: An experience at a former school…

This gave me some bad memories...

The first time I ever played this game was at my Elementary School in my history class.

The teacher, Mr. Enwia had said we were going to play a game (instead of working as usual) and the game ” is a suprise.”

Many of my classmates had groaned when they had seen what game it was because they had played it before, but never being subjected to the pure hatred of this game, I played it with such happiness until I found out the little characters( Which you had to name after yourself) can die. When winter rolled around, my character died by breaking a bone….that got me really mad for I was the last one in the group. The game seemed to be against you at every turn…I still don’t even want to play this game anymore. 😥

Cannot wait to get The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This post has been deleted or erased, so I’m rewriting it.

This game seems really interesting, despite it being a rated M game…

It’s available on both X-box and the pc, but the pc on is the one I’ll talk about.

Anyways…I hope the dragon does not kill me when I get this game, because you have to run until you level up(I hope I can avoid it until then)







Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy

Hi, Humans…(Sooo…Sleeepppy)

It’s time for another review on a computer game, Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy.

You start the game as Mel, a former thief that has gone away from everyone she knew because of things that she could not control, like her “marriage” gone wrong and her new ability to use magic and a prophecy concerning her and the fate of the world. I am not going into much details of the story or plot for fear I might ruin it…

The game is in a rpg style, and the system of the way you get into battle is much easier than Aveyond: Rhen’s Quest. You can now switch out characters in-battle, if you have more than four. If you cheat in these games, you will find that the goodie patches are now gone and are now hidden caves. The music is classical…waltz, what more can I say that it’s nice and fits the mood of the game.

Overall, 4.75 ♥ (Hearts) out of five.