Minecraft Review and other things…

First thing is I am sorry for not giving a new review in a while…and the other thing is I could not upload a snapshot of me using Minecraft and it is the PC version.

Minecraft is a very interesting game even if I already had it for a “month” and now I have huge plans on what to build…but so little time.

Basically you play as the default  character that is named Steve, (you can change the skin if you have premium status) and try to scrape out a life from nothing while you avoid (or fight) monsters like creepers that explode and destroy everything around plus yourself. You can build a house near lava, on water , trees, but the truly creative build in the air. ( destroy the lower level after building)  This game can show one’s creative self, providing that they have the time.  You can even tame two creatures, an ocelot and the wolf. The list goes on, but what can I say…just buy (or try the demo version) it for yourself.

Also there are some misleading websites our there, the only one that you should use is minecraft(dot)net.

4.4 (Hearts) ♥ out of 5.


Pocket God for both Iphone and Android

Sorry, no actual gameplay photos by me 😥

Hi, humans, it’s time for a review on pocket god for both Android and Iphone users…

android users be warned, they have not updated the game for a LONG time so you might find yourself getting bored fast and it costs $0.99…not worth it. 😡

The game has you start as a god of “pygmies” where you can be a nice god (giving them a fishing rod,cracked coconuts,etc) or a very mean god ( electrocute them with lightning or jellyfish, cremate them alive on a fire pit, drown them, let them be eaten by anything, eat burned food, this list goes on…) You can even customize the game. to the looks of the game or how the pygmies dance, but these cost $0.99 per pack. There are updates for the Iphone, but takes too long between them.( from update 1 to update 2, for example)I would recommend this as a stress-reliever game,but not for people who cannot tell what real or not and children.


Extra Note: Sadly They’ve finished the game for apple, so there wont be anymore updates. So if your on android, don’t buy this game expecting it to get past the apocalypse part.

Overall… 1 1/2 ♥ (hearts) out of 5.

Cat Shot on Andriod…Review!!!

This is mode 3, I think...

This game is made by Danball, which is all I know besides the fact that the game is very cute.
You play as the white cat,while the black cat gives you yarn balls to hit the objects,( it can be squid, 3 types of fish, stars, or an alien), and the brown cat catches the falling seafood. You have up to 3-5 game modes. Each game mode has their limit on how fast you get the balls from the black cat. You even have a time limit… This game is very cute when it’s game over, because you hear a cat saying “game ov-er”, but you’ll hear it go “mew” three times.
Overall… 4.5 ♥ (Hearts) out of five

Review on Zoombies for Android NOT FOR 14 and below!!!

NOT for little kids...

This game is about zoo animals that have turned into zombies and are craving human flesh. Your goal in this game is to keep the populace in your city, like Egypt and New York, at an acceptable level that is not below 50 in the health bar. The things you have to keep those “adorable” zoombies from getting to you is a shovel, pistol, bomb, and a super weapon. (All can be upgraded, but some upgrades cost you real money) The upgrades that cost in-game cash can be costly, but worth it for some of the bosses as the bosses can make the health of your city go down to zero. As you progress in levels, the zoombies can get their own items to accelerate their attack to the city, whether  it be riding missiles or using little rocket launchers.

Overall 4.5 ♥ (Hearts) out of five

Muffin Knight for Andriod

This game is about a boy who loses a fairy’s muffins and is forced to search for them, but every time he touched one, he changed from one creature to another. The only way to end this curse is to bring back all the muffins back… IF he doesn’t die or eat them all in the end. There is a free and paid version. Paid has more things.

The graphics were bright and sometimes dark, depending where you were in the world. You can go from a giant beanstalk to a cemetery and still die from small animals. There is also upgrades you can use to get perks and make yourself stronger. The bosses are hard…and almost no way to defeat them.

2.5 ♥ (Hearts) out of five

Review on Leave Devil Alone on Andriod

This game starts off with one of your Sand Ghosts that got hit with an arrow from a human king that was on a hunting expedition. Of course, as it being your underling, it goes to you for help. So this starts off the war between the Devil and the humans. The game-style is like that of plants vs. zombies, yet in my opinion is a little easier. The artwork is nice, yet dark. The only thing that I don’t like is the cost of some monster/upgrades.

4.5 ♥ (Hearts) out of five

Hungry Shark Part 3 for Android…


Just as the name said, you play as a very hungry shark in this game. Though you can eat humans ( which is fills you up faster and reminds me of Jaws) I always get scorned by my mother who greatly disapproves of this game to an extent that I was nearly forced to remove it. It is a great time killer, and the sounds match the theme of shark eats “meat bags”. The only thing I don’t like so far is the controls…I’m not so great at motion controls and I worry about dropping my phone.

3 ♥ (Hearts) out of 5 


Beware of the spiked lionfish… (You can’t eat it)