review on sad princess for Apple devices…

Defeat everyone with your depression, Princess Clover!!!


Well here is another review of a game, but this time from another phone…

I am going to admit I won’t have my android phone anymore, but that doesn’t stop me!!


Anyways…Clover (YOU) starts her day off by getting a love letter from a prince, (oddly enough, I don’t remember his name) only to find out in a tea party that he gave the same letter to your friends. When you and your friends go storm his castle, you find him…getting whipped by Queen S. of the Fatty Kingdom. Then she escapes from you on her dragon along with the prince back to her kingdom.  So you go off in pursuit of them and fight off boars, wolves, dragons, orcs, bees, slimes,  the crazed-match girl named Rose, until you face off with the Queen herself. The only strange power you have is being in a state of depression where your attacks and range double…( Thus the name of your kingdom is Sad Kingdom) which is the only way to deal a huge amount of to the Queen.

In the end you beat up the queen and take your lover with you to death… Kinda funny when you saw Clover’s attitude crack.

Overall…. three and a half ♥ (Hearts)


I got my computer back!!!!

Well, I  got my computer back a couple of days ago, but couldn’t make a new post because of school.

Well at least I have learned my lesson, never to go and click on random websites when looking for pictures.


My computer’s gone…Again.

Well, Humans I seem to have bad luck when it comes to my computer…I got a trojan virus and had to go to BestBuy to repair it because the virus won’t let me do anything, not even play some games that i had on the pc. The cost of the repair was $130-ish without the taxes. Now I wonder…why do some humans like to cause problems for others? Is it because they love to see other’s misery or they are just plain heartless…I’ll never know. Oh and ignore my signature,I’m on my phone and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

Posted when finished playing a game…

Cat Shot on Andriod…Review!!!

This is mode 3, I think...

This game is made by Danball, which is all I know besides the fact that the game is very cute.
You play as the white cat,while the black cat gives you yarn balls to hit the objects,( it can be squid, 3 types of fish, stars, or an alien), and the brown cat catches the falling seafood. You have up to 3-5 game modes. Each game mode has their limit on how fast you get the balls from the black cat. You even have a time limit… This game is very cute when it’s game over, because you hear a cat saying “game ov-er”, but you’ll hear it go “mew” three times.
Overall… 4.5 ♥ (Hearts) out of five

Review on Angry Gran for Android Phones…

You can actually buy the baguette for $25000!!!

Hi, guys! It’s Wooly Kai again with another review…this time it’s Angry Gran!!!
You play as a very angry…senior who loves to beat people for their cash…
This game reminds me of the way you play Black Knight from Armor Games, you go on a rampage, getting money from the rich and the poor, while avoid hitting a certain character ( the police or a witch)and yourself. You can use the left over money to buy upgrades to your equipment or certain status-ups. In Angry Gran, however you can buy in game currency for real cash and get rid of the ads in the same time. The “Trunk o’ Treasure” costs this much in real life with tax, $ 54.72,so you’re able to get 3,300,000 in-game currency to buy every single item in the game.

Sushi Cat on the internet REVIEW!!!

This is when you complete the game...cute.

This game is about a cat who wanted a cat doll, but could not enter the store to buy it…so the cat ends up going to a sumo competition and eats sushi to gain weight. In the end he goes to a Fair and goe to one of those machines that test your strength and ends up winning that doll.
The graphic were cute and very pleasing to the eye, while the music matched each level set. The contols were easy to understand as you just point and click to move and drop the cat so it can eat as much sushi. The last level was vey hard and sometime you needed to play more than once to complete it, but no so hard that you would spend days on this game.
This game earns 4.5 ♥(Hearts) out of five

On Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Wii.Plus comments on your comments..

This is my face when playing this game...during some "moments"

In Rune Factory: ToD, I progressed so far to the third shrine or dungeon and got the summer island too. Sorry that it took so long to post, but I got sick, school work, and distracted by RF: ToD…Anyways there is a general walkthrough for this game but it’s saved on my phone. The characters in this game seem to not be able to notice the fact that they’re in a time way farther than theirs (400 years). Other than that the dialogue is sometime rather amusing. If you are wondering  about the face I put there and what I meant by those moments is simple: the bosses and the pregnancy scene are kinda funny.
Oh and to commenters, please do not put any ads for “body parts” enlargements because they are not…(um how should I say this)why would I need those and my mother would K-n-o-c-k Me out for even seeing those…ads. Plus I am not male to begin with, I am a female…those ads are disturbing to me.
Well…thanks for reading!!
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