Zombie Panic In Wonderland REVIEW!!!


NOTE: You can get this game from the WiiWare channel for 1000 points ($10) in  the US and you can choose to play co-op as long as you have a nuncuck for both controllers. I only had one. :”(

Anyways…you first play as Momotaro  as he is defeating the horde of zombies that came into his home (you end up destroying it in the process) and decide to go look for his friends, Pheasant, Dog,  and Monkey, when you get attacked by this strange-looking monster that is the boss. You end up defeating the boss and look for the cause of the zombie outbreak when you meet Dorthy (who is looking for the Tin man) and some other noticeable characters from children’s books. The gameplay is quite challenging on some levels when it’s your first time and the music…you’ll hear it, but you may not like it.

Overall 2.5 ♥ (hearts) out of five.


On Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Wii.Plus comments on your comments..

This is my face when playing this game...during some "moments"

In Rune Factory: ToD, I progressed so far to the third shrine or dungeon and got the summer island too. Sorry that it took so long to post, but I got sick, school work, and distracted by RF: ToD…Anyways there is a general walkthrough for this game but it’s saved on my phone. The characters in this game seem to not be able to notice the fact that they’re in a time way farther than theirs (400 years). Other than that the dialogue is sometime rather amusing. If you are wondering  about the face I put there and what I meant by those moments is simple: the bosses and the pregnancy scene are kinda funny.
Oh and to commenters, please do not put any ads for “body parts” enlargements because they are not…(um how should I say this)why would I need those and my mother would K-n-o-c-k Me out for even seeing those…ads. Plus I am not male to begin with, I am a female…those ads are disturbing to me.
Well…thanks for reading!!
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