Minecraft Review and other things…

First thing is I am sorry for not giving a new review in a while…and the other thing is I could not upload a snapshot of me using Minecraft and it is the PC version.

Minecraft is a very interesting game even if I already had it for a “month” and now I have huge plans on what to build…but so little time.

Basically you play as the default  character that is named Steve, (you can change the skin if you have premium status) and try to scrape out a life from nothing while you avoid (or fight) monsters like creepers that explode and destroy everything around plus yourself. You can build a house near lava, on water , trees, but the truly creative build in the air. ( destroy the lower level after building)  This game can show one’s creative self, providing that they have the time.  You can even tame two creatures, an ocelot and the wolf. The list goes on, but what can I say…just buy (or try the demo version) it for yourself.

Also there are some misleading websites our there, the only one that you should use is minecraft(dot)net.

4.4 (Hearts) ♥ out of 5.


Sushi Cat on the internet REVIEW!!!

This is when you complete the game...cute.

This game is about a cat who wanted a cat doll, but could not enter the store to buy it…so the cat ends up going to a sumo competition and eats sushi to gain weight. In the end he goes to a Fair and goe to one of those machines that test your strength and ends up winning that doll.
The graphic were cute and very pleasing to the eye, while the music matched each level set. The contols were easy to understand as you just point and click to move and drop the cat so it can eat as much sushi. The last level was vey hard and sometime you needed to play more than once to complete it, but no so hard that you would spend days on this game.
This game earns 4.5 ♥(Hearts) out of five