Animal Crossing: New Leaf…Two QR Codes

Hello, again.

I will not give this game a rating.    As to why, it’s because I mostly rate games on when I’d get bored from the repeating dialogue and yet I still like this game due to the fact I got it from game cube and I wanted to continue my town’s legacy.

I wanted to  know if you guys would like a QR Code of a school uniform based on a manga I’ve read.

It’s  Vampire Knight: Day Class Female Uniform and one more…

I hope you guys like them.

HNI_0009 HNI_0010 HNI_0011 HNI_0012




Oh yeah if you guys wanted to look for more anime/video game/manga related QR codes for animal crossing and have a Japanese translator/knowledge on you

try this website:

Hope you like it!


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